Monday, February 16, 2015

Indie Book Fairy Spotlights Ghost's Dilemma (M/M Romance)

Thanks to Indie Book Fairy for spotlighting Ghost's Dilemma today. I hope your followers enter the giveaway, read the excerpt, and enjoy Ghost's world.

"I'm leaving my village in a crisis and walking out on my alpha and mate. I won't be forgiven."
A fierce male witch is torn from his protective lover's bed to face down a deadly threat. A spellbinding tale of devotion and love.

Quotes from Ghost's Dilemma
“You're the first male witch in generations. You count for something. Your presence will be recorded by the witchsisters. Even though some of them hate you and would love to feed you to a lair full of hungry sind." Gerry's eyes held humor. "There are far more who'll make sure everyone remembers how the Witch taught Ghost, a witch and a seer, and a man of honor. I hope they mention your beautiful spiral. Those stones which glow when you're working your magic, but which never shine brighter than your eyes.”

“If you leave with me, they'll say we both ran away," Ghost said, his voice muffled in Gerry's cloak. "If you're here, they might believe I'll come back. Please, Gerry. I need to go alone. We talked about this. You said you would let me go if I needed to. I need you to be strong enough to let me leave.” 

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